Preview XCOM: Enemy Unknown 'Slingshot' DLC Available Now, Watch the New Trailer

Rocky Dec 4, 2012

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    Boasting a new character, as well as new maps and missions, the Slingshot Content Pack for XCOM: Enemy Unknown is now available. Meeting enigmatic Triad operative, Zhang, you'll join forces to divert the course of an alien vessel, while doing battle with extra-terrestrial forces over China.

    Spread across a new set of Council missions, the Slingshot pack includes three new maps tied into the missions, with the all-new playable squad character also joined by a full complement of character customisation options, and a unique voice and story.

    You can snap up the XCOM: Enemy Unknown Slingshot Content Pack from the Xbox Live Marketplace now for 560 Microsoft Points. Watch the new trailer below, and if you like what you see you can add it to your download queue over at

    Vid >>

    Source - X360A
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    Great stuff man I'll be having this didn't see it on the market place but to be honest the Xbox marketplace hasn't really worked properly since the new dashboard, normally every Tues in the UK the dlc section gets new additions every Tuesday I haven't seen any for 3 weeks just the same stuff I have to manually search for things to find it. +Rep for completely filling my whole screen on the shout box of all your new topics in the last couple of mins :LOL:
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    No bother dude :LOL:

    I've never been on Xbox Live for ages, RGH FTW!

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