Xbox One: 'Turning Every Console Into Dev Kit Is Next Step' - Microsoft

Bullet Dec 17, 2013

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    Microsoft says that the next step in the [email protected] programme is to roll out development tools to everyone with an Xbox One.
    Microsoft's [email protected] programme aims to get indie developers on board and developing games for the Xbox One.
    A number of developers are already doing that, with the first round of games to come out of the programme expected in 2014, but Microsoft says that the next step is to provide every Xbox One owner with development tools.
    [email protected] director, Chris Charla, explained to Edge that Microsoft want to reach a point where every Xbox One owner is capable of making their own game.
    "That’s at all levels, from coding a game in C++, to someone who can’t code at all using something like Project Spark," said Charla.
    Some Xbox One owners have already discovered a way of turning their Xbox Ones into dev kits, but Microsoft has advised against users turning on dev kit options, warning that this could render their console unusable.
    Charla also commented on the [email protected] programme's launch parity clause, which requires games to release on Xbox One at the same time as on other platforms.
    The clause has come in for criticism from indie developers such as Vlambeer, but Charla suggested that Microsoft are willing to talk to developers regarding the clause.
    "Obviously we’ve heard the feedback from developers and we’re looking at all the way the ways we can to lower barriers for developers, said Charla.
    "But I really can’t comment on publishing policies. The reality is that developers should get in touch with us and talk."

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    Sounds Great every console owner not only gets on to play games but can also create there own games. I've got a 10 year old son that seems to be a Machine when it comes to Finding glitches in games "He has been playing since he could hold the controller" I imagine something like this would be great for him .

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