Xbox One Preview Update: Improved Screenshots, Bigger Backgrounds xb_rel_1503.150227-2000

Bullet Mar 2, 2015

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    Microsoft just rolled out an update for the Xbox One Preview for March, the update adds improvements to the screenshot feature, as well as improving the backgrounds usability.
    Check out the full patch notes below, taken from the Preview forums:

    OS version released: xb_rel_1503.150227-2000
    Available: 6:00PM PT 3/1 (2AM GMT 3/2)

    Changed RGB Levels for Screenshots: A change to output screenshots in RGB Full for improved clarity when viewed on a PC.

    Increased background image maximum size. The maximum size for background images on your dashboard has been increased to 5MB. This change will eliminate some errors users saw when attempting to set screenshots as backgrounds.

    Screenshots Quests: We’ve uploaded 3 new Quests for you to let us know how Screenshots is working for you, so check them out!

    Additionally, these quests are worth an extra 10 Preview Points each until 3/5, so now’s your chance to add to your Preview Point total!
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