Xbox One post-release Achievements will be moderated

XPG Darkside Jul 25, 2013

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    A developer's ability to introduce post-launch Achievements for Xbox One titles will be controlled by policies, according to a Microsoft spokesperson.


    Speaking to OXM, Xbox Live principal program manager Chad Gibson has moved to allay fears that the ability to introduce new Achievements after an Xbox One title's launch will frustrate Gamerscore completionists.

    "[We're] super-sensitive to people who are worried about wanting to get all of the Gamerscore," Gibson said.

    "We still have policies for developers to make sure that things don't get out of control. Like, we do not want a game offering 10,000 Gamerscore every day. We still have policies, so that user experiences are rational - users have an opportunity to complete everything without feeling constantly overwhelmed."

    Gibson went on to explain how the regular addition of new Achievements will be a boon for consumers.

    "With a lot of games today, three updates later it's a nice evolution of that game - it's a different game that's been modified and adjusted, based on what people are enjoying and having fun with," Gibson said.

    "Especially if a game's been on the market for a while, and they have the opportunity to add all these new Achievements - if you start playing a game a year after it ships, there's probably 2000 Gamerscore to get for that game or more.

    And so, for the completionists, they're going to have more work to do."

    Microsoft released details on the Xbox One's new Achievements system last month.

    Source OXM + CVG.

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