Xbox One New Controller Revealed

Bullet May 21, 2013

  1. Bu

    Bullet Guest


    Microsoft has just revealed the new Xbox One controller and the say that its been "refreshed with more than 40 technical and design innovations,"
    So what are the new features of the Xbox One Controller, lets have a look shall we:


    Xbox One Controller:
    • Updated directional pad
    • Updated thumb stick
    • An integrated battery compartment
    • Vibrating impulse triggers


    As well as these physical features and its new ergonomic fit Microsoft state that the the new controller will allow seamless syncing with the new Kinect. The new Xbox One controller will be synched using Wi-Fi Direct technology that pairs the controller with the new system.


    So what are your thoughts on the controller so far , let us know below.

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  2. Ro

    Rocky Guest

    Looks liike an old Xbox Controller from what I can remember of them with a bit of the Xbox 360 Controller in aswell.

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