Xbox One: New Battery Indicator First Look

Bullet Feb 6, 2014

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    As Xbox One owners are aware the lack of a battery indicator is a real pain, however this is being addressed in one of two new updates being rolled out by Microsoft for the Xbox One in February and March.
    The first update to be rolled out will include the return of the battery light indicator which you will be able to see right from the home screen and see below:


    As well as the return of the indicator light we will also be able to sort and manage our downloads order and HDD storage.

    So far there's been no mention of USB storage which is a must considering the limited internal 500GB storage space that comes as standard with the Xbox One.
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    Wtf they really never had the battery feature in from the start? Did they think we would magicly know what our battery life would be when we used it?

    Or would it be just about when the battery is about to die. While you are in the middle of a dog fight above an area filled with school kids a warning sign pops up with a loud warning sound. Which then probably scares the living daylights outta ya and making you fling your controller into the air. Which at that point as it comes back down the battery is dead and your plane has crashed into the area filled with school kids! Which is not cool and is serious in game and real life!

    Now I used that as a hypothetical or whatever damn huge words! Damn them all to that firey place that am going to no matter what in every religion out there that does that place.

    Back on track. Basicly MS screwed up. They should have had that simple little feature in right from the start. Then again they screwed up period! I have to admit I am glad I stuck with my 360 and laptop.

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