Xbox One Nand Read / Write Method

Bullet Dec 28, 2013

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    You may remember that just a few days after the release of the Xbox One the NAND was successfully dumped revealing the NAND size to be the same size as that of a Corona (4.9GB ) and that the Next Gen console's NAND couldn't be dumped using J-runner as it is too big.

    " The Nand Xbox One is 4.9 GB in size and can be as in the 360 ​​dump with an SD card reader. J-runner may not be used for Dumping because it reads out the maximum of 3.5 GB of Corona. The quartz must be disabled as in the Corona V2."

    However Team Xecutor have released a tutorial which shows you how to correctly read / write the Xbox One NAND filesystem.
    Team Xecutor have also produced some easy solder PCB boards that you can see in the image.
    This is all another step in the right direction for the Xbox One modding scene.

    You can see the full tutorial here.

    Click here to view the article

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