Xbox One Modding One Step Closer Thanks To notHALT Leaking SDK

Bullet Dec 31, 2014

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    The Xbox One modding scene received a late Christmas present today when a group of Students known as notHALT released the Xbox One SDK (Software Development Kit) to the public via their Twitter account.

    notHALT told us that they are not another hacking group looking for fame, they are a group of friends that are believe sharing would benefit the Xbox One modding scene, "We shared the SDK to try and influence the new change. If we want something, we work together." said notHALT , "we aim to give what the community should have."


    This is great news for the modding scene, whilst the SDK will not be much use to the average end user, it does allow those with coding knowledge without access to the Xbox ID program or an Xbox One Devkit access to the consoles engine.


    The SDK weighs in at 1.5GB and is the 64 bit version, when we asked notHALT if they had a 32 bit version they said they did not.
    The download for the SDK is available on the official notHALT Twitter account.

    Unsure how long notHALT had the SDK for we asked them if they had made any advancements modifying the system to which they replied "we can only go from theories from what we understand. We haven't had enough time. We are trying to gather everything first." However notHALT did state that they have more to come: "we have future plans which will follow the leak."


    This is great news for the Xbox modding scene and hopefully we will see some advancements towards Homebrew on the next gen console.

    To keep up with further developments, leaks and info, be sure to follow notHALT on Twitter.
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