Xbox One modders make third-party Xbox 360 headset adapter.

XPG Darkside Nov 25, 2013

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    Xbox One
    Xbox One doesn’t support third-party Xbox 360 headsets at present, but as expected, the modding scene has shown that it can be done with a little technical know-how.​
    The folk over at Instructables – who also provide the above image – ran their magic all over the Xbox One to make it happen. All it requires it the official headset bundled with Microsoft’s console, the ability to solder and a few bits and bobs.​
    The whole process is detailed on below, so check it out if you want to use your headsets with Xbox One.​
    It was tested out using a paid of Astro A40s and is said to have worked just fine.​
    Step 1: Items Needed​


    Here's what you need

    - Official Xbox One Headset
    - 2.5mm Stereo Inline Jack (Mode Electronics 24-271-1 or similar) It cost about $2 from my local electronics parts store
    - Soldering Iron
    - Solder
    - Torx T6 screwdriver
    - Hot Glue Gun (optional)
    Step 2: Headset Teardown​





    Technically you can just cut the wire and solder it to the connector but I wanted to keep the strain relief that was part of the wire​
    You can follow the pictures, they should be in order​
    1) Remove the foam from the earpiece (it's like a sock that slips over the earpiece)
    2) Remove the 3 T6 screws from the earpiece and pull off the black plastic piece that the screws were holding
    3) Remove the heat shrink that is on the exposed bare wire, and the heat shrink in the white wire
    4) Carefully desolder the blue, black, white and bare wire.
    5) Remove the 4 T6 screws holding the green plastic piece, and remove the green plastic piece.
    6) Gently Pull/Pry the strain relief/wire out of the headset (this may take a bit of pressure, also if you are prying it be careful not to cut through the strain relief).
    7) Done go take a break​

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