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    Microsoft Studios boss Phil Spencer has said the Xbox One launch line-up is strong even without TitanFall, and believes the platform holder won't have any trouble selling consoles.

    Speaking on IGN's podcast unlocked, Spencer talked up the Microsoft exclusive first-person shooter, but also said it has plenty of other games available for players to enjoy at launch.

    "It looks great, there's no doubt," he says. "Respawn's doing an amazing job with that game, they have a great pedigree as a studio that knows how to build shooting games, and to have them working on an Xbox game is incredible. And what the killer app will be. If you look at all the press, Titanfall is it, and I'm sure it's going to be amazing.

    "There's always some surprises at launch, there's always something that comes out and is the Minecraft, the thing that people wouldn't predict. I like the number of titles we have - we've got over 20 titles at launch, and then you start to talk about what's going to happen in early '14. The strength of the portfolio all up is something that I really think will be great for Xbox One.

    Spencer admitted that having the TitanFall available on day one would have had a noticeable impact, but believes the staggered launch of Respawn's shooter means it will be available "at a perfect time".

    "For us, where [TitanFall] is landing is actually really nice. Having it come in in March is fantastic, when you think about it. There's a lot of content at launch, there's obviously only a certain number of consoles early on in the life cycle, and then it will continue to sell. Having a great beat in early '14 for core fans is going to be fantastic. So when I look at the timing of when that release is coming, it's almost perfect for us as a platform.

    "When I think about when TitanFall launches - would it have had an impact? Absolutely. A game that's that spectacular would have had an impact. But I am actually really happy with where it's coming because I think when you look at the people who are going to line up, the Xbox fans, the PlayStation fans, that certain [factionalism] out there that you can see play out, and people will just have their allegiance, they'll buy the console that they care about.

    "And we look at our preorder numbers, and we look at the anticipation in the market we're hearing from retailers, and I think we're going to sell about every piece of we can build," Spencer continued.

    "Knock on wood. But then when you start playing it forward and you think well what happens in that second holiday, when do the other franchises come, and you have a lot more hardware in the market, so I think it's a very good time.

    "Sure, it would have had an impact at launch, but I think it's coming at a perfect time for us."

    Officially revealed at E3 in July, Titanfall went on to be named Best of Show at the E3 Game Critics Awards.

    Titanfall will release for Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC on March 11 in the US and March 13 in Europe and Australia.

    Source: Computer&VideoGames.

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