Xbox One: Kinect Gesture and Voice Commands

Bullet Nov 30, 2013

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    There are many voice commands for the Xbox One using Kinect and as well as the voice commands there all also gesture commands. These are all well and good , but only if you know what they are right!
    XPG to the rescue! We have created the " Go to " guide for Kinect commands and gestures. Bookmark this page:

    So lets start with the Hand Gestures:

    Activate the Kinect cursor
    To make the cursor appear onscreen in
    Home or other apps, raise your hand and
    show your palm to Kinect.
    To make the cursor disappear, simply
    drop your hand.


    Zoom in and zoom out

    Use a closed hand to grip and zoom with Internet Explorer and other specialized apps.
    Hold one hand out in front of you and close your hand to “grip” the screen.
    Move your hand towards the screen to push the content away, or zoom out.
    Move your hand away from the screen, towards your body, and zoom in

    Press and release to make a selection

    Hold your open hand over the item you want to choose and press forward
    until the cursor fills completely white.
    Release by pulling back slightly to complete the selection

    Grip and move

    Hold one hand out in front of you and close your hand to “grip” the screen.
    When the Kinect cursor changes from an open hand to a closed fist, you can move
    your hand back and forth horizontally to scroll in Home.
    Some applications, such as Internet Explorer, support scrolling up and down as well

    Return Home

    When an app or game is full screen, you can shrink it and return Home.
    Hold both hands open symmetrically and you will see hints appear onscreen.
    “Grip” when the tabs appear onscreen and pull your closed hands together to
    shrink the window and return home

    Restore a game or app to fullscreen

    Go full screen from Home by holding your hands open and uniformly outstretched
    and “gripping” the sides of the current window.
    Move your hands apart to go full screen

    Voice Commands:


    System Commands
    • Xbox on – Wakes up Xbox One, turns on television and cable/satellite set-top box
    • Xbox turn off – Puts Xbox One to sleep/off, can turn off television and cable/satellite set-top box
    • Xbox – Shows menu of global voice command options and begins listening for the next command
    • Xbox select – Shows voice command options for everything on the screen that are supported. Shows channel shortcuts during full screen TV viewing
    • Stop listening – Stops Kinect from listening or cancels voice commands if Kinect is triggered during causal conversation
    • Xbox help – Shows help menu with available options
    • Xbox use a code – Triggers Kinect code scanning for QR codes
    • Xbox show notification – Shows on-screen notifications
    • Xbox sign in/out or Xbox sign in as (person) – Signs in/out an Xbox Live member
    • Xbox record that – Record the previous 30 seconds of gameplay
    • Xbox start a party – Launches the Party app in Snap mode
    • Xbox volume up/down and Xbox mute/unmute – controls volume of TV set
    Navigation and Multitasking
    • Xbox go home or Xbox show my stuff – Returns to Home screen
    • Xbox go to (activity) – Launches specific games, TV shows, apps, notifications and sections of the dash.
    • Xbox show menu – In full screen, shows menu for whatever is on the screen. At Home, shows menu for whatever is in the current window
    • Xbox go back – Returns to previous screen or menu option
    • Xbox Snap (app) – Launches activity in Snap mode
    • Xbox unsnap – Unsnaps activity in Snap mode
    • Xbox switch – Switches control of the activities in Snap mode and Fill mode
    • Xbox Skype (person) or Xbox call (person) – Launches Skype call, must ba a person from your Skype favorites list on your Xbox One
    • Xbox answer/answer without video – Answers incoming Skype call
    • Xbox hang up – Ends Skye call
    • Xbox send a message – Sends message to your Xbox Live friends
    • Xbox watch TV – Launches cable or satellite TV from set top box
    • Xbox watch (channel) – Changes cable or satellite TV to specific channel when channel shortcuts are showing
    • Xbox show guide or Xbox OneGuide – Launches OneGuide for cable or satellite TV subscribers
    Media Controls
    • Xbox play/stop/pause/fast forward/rewind/faster/slower/skip forward/skip backward/next song/previous song – Transport controls for media playback; play and pause also work for gameplay.
    • Xbox Play [music/video] – Launches video and music playback
    Bing and Internet Explorer
    • Browse to (website) – Browse to the specific website when in Internet Explorer
    • Xbox Bing (name) – Launches Bing and searches for the specific item/s

    If you find that you're Xbox One isn't responding all that well you may need to do an audio calibration; this option can be accessed through the Settings menu.
    Another tip is if you say : "Xbox select" you will see a list of available commands on screen.
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    Yea i find if there's noise coming from the TV it wigs the Kinect out.
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    well these are definitely useful :)
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