Xbox One Is Only Just Getting Started

Bullet Dec 16, 2014

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    The Xbox One is going from strength to strength lately which is thanks to a culmination of some amazing exclusive games, monthly console updates, great bundles and lower prices, all of which see the Xbox One become the best selling games console across America and the UK last month.

    Last month was just a taste of things to come according to Aaron Greenberg, games marketing leader at Microsoft. While replying to a Tweet from a fan congratulating the Xbox Team on the NPD win, Greenberg replied " thank you, we are just getting started!"

    The question is, how will Microsoft keep the momentum going? We are seeing constantly lower prices for the Xbox One, in China the price has been dropped by another $80. The company also says it has so many holiday 2015 games in the works that it may need to delay some to make room.

    [background=rgb(255,255,255)]November was of course the first month that Microsoft had actually beaten its competitors in the US since the console first launched over 12 months ago. In that time though we have seen the Xbox One make an amazing transformation from a multi media machine to a hardcore games console.

    What does Microsoft have up its sleeves to keep the Xbox One sales momentum going? So far the company haven't let any big news slip. Do you think Microsoft can extend its winning streak ? Let us know in the comments below![/background]​
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