Xbox One HDD Modding Increase System Speeds

Bullet Dec 3, 2013

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    It is now possible to modify the Xbox One standard 500GB Samsung HDD, replacing it for a much faster SSD.
    Brian Williams has created a walk-through guide on upgrading the Xbox One HDD using Juvenal's hack tool.
    In Brian's video guide he swaps the standard 500GB Samsung OEM mechanical hard drive for a Samsung 500 GB EVO SSD resulting in a massive 20% performance increase. From cold boot the Xbox One booted almost 5 seconds faster using an SSD.
    Before attempting to modify the internal storage on you're own Xbox One, remember that doing so will void the warranty as Xbox One does not allow storage upgrades unlike the Playstation 4 which allows you to modify the HDD without voiding the warranty.

    The fact that there is no storage meter on the Xbox One allowing users to see how much space is left on the Xbox One internal hard drive makes me wonder if we will see an update which allows the use of external storage expansion at some point.

    Albert Penello, senior director of product planning at Microsoft did confirm back in May that the USB 3.0 port is there for external storage, which can be used for everything the internal storage can be used for. That includes game installs and downloads.
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