Xbox One Gets New Home Screen Plus Leaderboards

Bullet Jan 19, 2016

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    If you are anything like me, you will have been missing the usually regular Xbox One software updates whilst the developers took an extended holiday break. Well fear not because Microsoft are back on the job and this latest update is awesome!
    The upcoming February update will introduce a smarter, sexier looking home screen that allows you to arrange your pins and update your activity feed whenever there's something new. In addition to that there's also a Gamerscore leaderboard that informs you if you're the top achievement hunter out of you and your friends.

    Take a deep breath because there's more! You can now join your friend's Twitch streams from within a game's hub or from the title. You can check to see who's in a party before joining, so you can now avoid 'that one guy' that melts your head, or squeaky voice rattles your ear drums!
    Due to limited space on my XB1 HDD's I usually have to uninstall the games I do not play or like. If you do the same and have a stack of games in the uninstalled list, you will now be able to hide those.
    A new algorithm means that you will get better friend suggestions, a newly integrated Avatar Store and an Xbox news hub to keep you up to date on all the latest stories
    If you are an Xbox One preview program user then you will get the Xbox beta apps next week. Microsoft hasn't revealed a release for gamer's not in the preview program.
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    Nice info, and I'm like you on being the last too know about any updates.

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