Xbox One gets ‘Karaoke' service in Japan

Bullet Nov 18, 2014

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    Microsoft are hoping to boost flagging sales of the Xbox One in Japan by appealing to the nations love of Karaoke by releasing an app that will allow Japanese Xbox One owners to chose from over 100,000 songs and corresponding HD videos with 200 new tracks delivered each week from the app called Karaoke @ DAM.

    It was hoped that the Karaoke app would of been released with the launch of the Xbox One in Japan, to appeal to the Japanese demographic,however this wasn't the case.


    The app '[email protected]' which brings a massive library of songs from DAM’s karaoke booths directly into the home for a small fee of around 340 Yen per day which is around $3, alternatively around 1100 Yen or $10 will buy 30 days of access.

    The Karaoke app has Kinect support and users can upload videos of their performances to Dam★Tomo. [email protected] also supports USB microphones, Microsoft have released their own branded version to accompany the game.


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