Xbox One features remote play, can talk to you.

XPG Darkside May 25, 2013

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    Xbox One will not only use Kinect for voice commands, but the camera will also talk to you and let you know if there is someone in the room it doesn’t recognize, and will ask the person to identify themselves.


    According to source speaking with Polygon, the new person identified will then have their identity saved to the console, and then will be “welcomed” by the system.

    Think of the ability for Kinect to talk in a similar fashion to Siri on iPhone or Kitt on Knight Rider. Hopefully, not as annoyingly sarcastic though.

    The system’s voice capabilities may not be available at launch, as Microsoft may opt to patch it in later.
    Xbox One will also feature remote play, according to the source.

    For instance: you are having a tough time killing a boss, you just Skype with a friend who has rad skillz, and then they can take over for you in your game and kill the boss for you.

    A demonstration of the feature, the source said, showed a message on screen asking if it was okay for the person they were Skyping with to take over in the game.

    The initial player was then able to watch the new player take matters into their own hands. Both could end remote play just by pressing a button.

    The source said the demo was shown via two console connected locally, yet was told Microsoft isn’t worried over any latency issues.

    Microsoft has yet to respond to the report on these features.

    PS4 will also feature remote play via Gaikai, to do essentially the same thing, as well as take your game on the road through Vita.

    Source VG247.

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