Xbox One: Family Sharing Making A Return

Bullet Nov 19, 2013

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    The reversal of the Xbox One DRM policies was unprecedented. We spoke and they listened, and the planned DRM policies were removed but at the price of some really cool features, one of which being the " Family sharing".

    Albert Penello, Director of Product Planning has revealed that they are looking into ways to bring back a version of the previously planned Family Sharing.

    "I think people liked the family sharing stuff a lot. So we’re going to figure out ways to bring versions of that in. We now have a different model so some of that stuff can’t happen. We’ve tried to keep things we thought people liked, the conversion of licenses is one.
    We still allow your stuff in the cloud, so anything you did buy digitally you can still redownload on other consoles and play without a disc. But the family sharing was the one people really liked, being able to check out and digitally share a title, we’re going to have to figure out how in the new world we do that."

    This is an amazing feature, one that Steam are also implementing, so lets hope we see a return of Family Sharing but without all the other restrictions.
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