Xbox One: eights years was right for previous cycle, says Harrison

XPGBuSh Nov 29, 2013

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    Xbox One is out now, some eight years after its predecessor, the Xbox 360 launched. Microsoft’s Xbox VP Phil Harrison has responded to recent claims that the previous cycle was too long, and has stated that eight years was correct.

    It follows comments from EA’s Patrick Soderlund, who suggested that the last cycle was too long, and that PS4 and Xbox One will both be replaced by new consoles in five to six years.

    Now, speaking with MCV, Harrison responded, “Eight years is actually the right time. Xbox 360 continues to grow, over 80m units and counting. And the underlying silicon chip design innovations that allow Xbox One to be what it is, didn’t reach the performance level and price point that we needed until right now.

    “So if we had come out three years ago with a new console, it would not be to the same degree of performance or price that we have now, and Xbox 360 had seven years of growth which I think is a record for a console.”

    Do you feel that the last cycle was too long? How long do you think it will be until PS5 and ‘Xbox Two’ come out?

    Source - VG247

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