Xbox One: Cheaper Digital Prices On The Agenda

Bullet Jan 24, 2014

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    According to Major Nelson we can expect more competitive pricing on digital downloads in the not so distant future. Is this just yet another empty promise that will be filed away on some Chief Executive's 'To Do' tray, or will we start to see some much needed changes from not just Microsoft but the games industry as a whole?
    We were promised cheaper games when the next gen consoles were dreamed up , savings from not having to deal with high street retailers, packaging costs, etc would be passed onto us the gamers. The cold reality was actually a price hike on games such as Forza 5 , Dead Rising 3 and others by as much as £5 or $8.31

    Lets just hope that 2014 turns out to be an amazing year as Microsoft keep reassuring us it will be, and not just a string that we are kept dangling on to prevent loyal Xbox Gamers defecting to the Sony side.
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    Holy crap people. Its not the prices going up, ITS THE VALUE of the dollars going down. You put 80 Billion dollars a month into the economy, that causes the sum of all the money in circulation to be worth 80 Billion dollars less. Why do you think the stock markets numbers are so high? Because it takes a lot more of this worthless paper money to buy the same thing it used to just a few years ago.

    lol Wait till they stop this pumping of fake money into the economy. It's called "quantitative easing" for those that do not know. The crap is going to hit the fan and all your money is going to be worthless. It's going to happen soon too. I'd say within 5 yrs. I predicted the housing crash 4 years before it happened and predicting this. Best be ready.

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