Xbox One Cases With Covers - First Look

Bullet Oct 25, 2013

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    You may remember that a few days ago I posted an article showing of the all new look Xbox One game cases? Well the cases didnt have any sleeves on them, so you could clearly see the Xbox's traditional green colur and the Xbox One logo actually embossed onto the case itself which looks kind of nice. Its a little darker than the Xbox 360 cases, and it has some nice detailing around the disc holder.

    Well now images have emerged showing the cases off with covers on them. Thanks too Twitter users HMVLlandudno and ChanceEttredge we can now see how the Xbox One game case looks with covers on.


    These snaps were taken in HMV Llandudno North Wales.

    These pictures serve as a reminder that the release date is getting ever closer!

    Chance Ettredge posted his picture of a Call Of duty Ghosts cover which was snapped in Gamestop, and Tweets " GameStop put up a display section for the #XboxOne today. We're almost there. #November22 "



    Although most of the case is covered now with the game sleeves, you can still see the embossed Xbox One symbol at the top of the case, i think that looks a lot better than the Xbox 360 cases.

    So what are your thoughts on the new cases, and are you excited for the launch. Let me know below!
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    i like xbox but i think xbox one isnt as revolutionary as ps4

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