Xbox One August Update Details Revealed, New Social Features, 3D Blueray Support and more

Bullet Jul 18, 2014

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    Once a month there's two things that are almost guaranteed, one of them is a real pain and the bane of men's lives all around the world, the other is the Xbox One monthly update.

    Larry Hyrb aka Major Nelson has revealed the August updates details on his blog and in a Youtube video. Xbox One fans have been requesting features on the all new feedback site and the Xbox team have been listening.

    The August update sees some massive changes to the social and community aspect of Xbox One. The first feature mentioned is a revamped activity feed. The new activity feed will focus on your friends activities such as the achievements they earned, video clips they have recorded as well as new friend relationships. All this new stuff calls for a bigger activity feed so the Xbox team have made the feed longer. You can also comment on items in the feed and will be instantly notified of replies, you can also 'Like' items in the feed too making it a more interactive feature than before.
    Another really cool addition to the activity feed which is now like Xbox on version of Twitter is that you can share or even promote DVR clips across feeds, you can also share DVR clips in messages. The upload app will also have 'like' 'Unlike' and 'share' functions added to that.

    Mobile purchases is also coming in the next update which will allow you to purchase items from the Xbox One store using Smartglass or and as long as you have your home console configured for 'instant on' and 'background update' your console will download and install the content you purchased using mobile purchase.
    Notifications have also had an overhaul, you will have the ability to turn off notifications during video playback. Also there is a new 'Low Battery' notification coming to alert you when its time to plug in that play and charge kit or run to the shop for new batteries, no more freezing during an online battle.

    Another social aspect is a new friends tab you can see right from the home screen that allows you to see what's going on with your friends. Stay up-to-date with their current activity, the top trending games your friends are playing, and a leaderboard to see who has been working the hardest on their Gamerscore. This feature is currently undergoing an extended preview and rolling it into the early access preview this month to a subset of our preview audience.

    Which of these features are you most excited for, or what would you really like to see in the next update, let us know in the comments below.
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