Xbox One Achievement Unlocking Issues Being Investigated

Bullet Aug 7, 2014

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    There is nothing more satisfying for Xbox gamers then that sound of an Achievement unlocking, however you may be missing out on that satisfaction if you are playing on an Xbox One.

    Achievements not unlocking has been an ongoing issue for a while now on the Xbox One, and some of you may not have even noticed that certain achievements haven't unlocked for you.

    Reports of Achievements not unlocking have been reported for weeks now and on the 31st of July Eric Neustadter, Xbox Live operations architect claimed the issue was fixed, however some achievements may take a few days to actually show up as unlocked.
    It would appear that this issue has not been fully resolved yet though, since reports of Achievements not unlocking are still popping up on Twitter and Xbox support.

    One such gamer is KIDGARRET who asked:

    Any reason why"Tree of life" cheevo in Max CoB did not unlock after 100% completion?


    Xbox support acknowledged the report by KIDGARRET and replied "We're aware of issues with Achievements unlocking on Xbox One & currently looking into it now ^JX"


    Right now it is unclear what exactly is causing the issues, whether its game related in this case or if its Xbox live server issues causing the problem, either way we understand how frustrating this is.
    There is nothing worse than grinding your way through a game trying to unlock an Achievement and it doesn't unlock.

    Have you experienced any issues with cheevos not unlocking in the past week? If so let us know in the comments below.
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    ya i had the same problem

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