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Xbox Live Sale - Grand Theft Auto 5, Grand Theft Auto 4 and DLC up to 50% off

Rocky Feb 4, 2014

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    Who fancies taking a quick city break to Los Santos or Liberty City this weekend? 2K have slashed prices on both GTAV, GTAIV, and its DLC this week, so there's never been a better time than now.


    Xbox Live Gold subscribers can now pick up GTA 5 for the low low price of £33.49/$40.19. Grand Theft Auto IV is currently just £8.99/$9.99.

    DLC is also on offer - GTAIV's The Ballad of *** Tony is currently £5.39/$7.99, whilst The Lost and Damned is £3.37/$4.99.

    Quite an opportune time for a sale too - Take Two Interactive announced just last night in its FY2014 third quarter financial report that GTA V has shipped 32 million units to date. It also reported GAAP net revenue of $1.86 billion, a hefty year-on-year increase when compared to the $415.8 million of the same quarter a year ago.

    Source - OXM
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