Xbox Live Gold Family Packs moving to individual Gold subs

KillerVidz Aug 13, 2013

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    Xbox Live Gold Family Pack members will soon have all of their accounts changed to individual Gold subscriptions.

    The Family Pack allows one master account in a household to set limits on up to three others - such as being the only one able to buy content. It also offers a discount on paying for multiple Gold accounts separately.

    The change is coming ahead of Xbox One's new Home Gold feature, which will allow anyone using the same Xbox One console to benefit from just one Gold subscription.

    Not everyone will upgrade to Xbox One, of course. To counter this, Microsoft is granting an extra three months of subscription to all converted Xbox Live accounts, on top of whatever was remaining of the Family Pack sub.

    But activity monitoring reports - which allowed parents to see what their kids have been playing - won't be available after the change.

    Microsoft Point allowances will also no longer be available - presumably due to the fact that MSP is set to be retired in the next dashboard update.

    Microsoft retired the option to subscribe to Xbox Live Gold Family some months ago, so this will only apply to existing members.

    Accounts will begin transitioning from 27th August. There's more on the finer details over on Microsoft's Xbox Support site.

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