Xbox Boss: Commited To Making The Next Gen Console A Success

Bullet Apr 6, 2014

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    The new head of Xbox is certainly approachable and readily answering fans questions on Twitter. Phil Spencer who's motto is 'Defined more by what I do than who I am' says that he has 'never been more committed to anything in my work than to making XB1 successful.'


    E3 is fast approaching and Phil Spencer really needs to pull something miraculous out of the hat for that and he seems confident that his team will be able to do just that by telling X-One magazine that 'Teams are cranking to make the show great.'


    E3 could be a massive turn around for the Xbox One, if Microsoft can turn it around that will be the time. Obviously things such as exclusives will be key, but fans also want to know about things like Gold to play apps , as one fan asks:

    'now that you're boss, we can start blaming you for Gold 2 play and apps behind the xbox live gold paywall right?

    Spencer's answer suggest that there are already plans to change Gold 2 play apps:


    We can also expect to see more family friendly exclusives to Xbox other than Kinect games. Phil replied to one gamer that the Xbox One needs more couch co-op games that families can enjoy.


    With all the recent updates to the Xbox One already and plans to bring fresh new exclusives I think E3 this year is going to be amazing.
    What games would you like to see come to the Xbox One, and what changes would you like to see made to the console?
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