Xbox 360 tutorial fix for all your problems

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    Various tutorials
    -Opening console
    -removing motherboard
    -Towel trick
    Temporary fix no need to open console. What you do is wrap your xbox 360 with a dry towel and run the system for 2-3 hours. What this does is melts the flux to confuse the console that the problem is fixed. Turn it off let it cool down then turn it back on. Doing this too many times can eventually damage the console.

    Penny trick
    Long fix buy not permanent, will require you to open Xbox, and can eventually completely ruin your Xbox through corrosion(long time).
    You will need
    8-12 clean pennies
    Electrical tape
    A star-bit screwdriver
    Hot glue gun
    1) What your going to do is open your Xbox.
    2) Wrap 3 pennies with electrical tape so that no copper is showing with minimal tape. Make four stacks all the same size.
    3) Remove motherboard refer to above tutorial
    4) On each ram chip use a very small amount of hot glue to stick the stack of wrapped pennies to the ram. Flip the motherboard upside down the pennies should sick to the ram.
    6) Screw in screws to secure motherboard. When putting the screws back in do not screw the black screws that hold the CPU and GPU- leave them off.
    7) Screw all the other screws on slow and tight. Observe the inputs so that they match up with the holes in the metal casing (example USB ports, AV, Power etc) You will notice the front USB ports seem to be just barely showing through the casing holes, thats fine.
    8) Plug everything back in including the internal fan. Turn on the xbox to see that everything is still working.
    9) now you will need to overheat the Xbox. There a 3 ways in which you can do this wrap a towel around your box, unplug fan, or the safest place fan so that it cools CPU and overheats GPU.
    10) Put everything back together if you haven't already. Let cool down for a couple hours then turn on your working Xbox.

    -Flux fix
    Factory fix but can last a long time or a short time. Voids warrentee as you open the xbox.
    What you need
    Arctic silver 5
    1) Open your xbox refer to above tutorial.
    2) Remove motherboard refer to above solution.
    3) Lift Xclaps from motherboard to reveal the heatsinks.
    4) Take a business card and remove the heatsink grease microsoft places between.
    5) Place a small blob of arctic silver 5 where the grease that you just removed. Gently spread to cover the full area.
    6) Overheat your xbox. There are 3 ways in which you can do this wrap a towel around your box, unplug fan, or the safest place fan so that it cools CPU and overheats GPU.
    7) Put everything back together. Let Xbox cool for a couple hours then try it out should be fixed

    PHAT xbox 360
    Open tray error/disc error
    -Temporary fix
    If you can hear your disc spinning you can tap the top of your xbox slightly hard until it reads. This method is good if you dont want to break the factory seal.

    -Identifying your drive


    Phillips lite-on



    This is a work in progress if you can think of anything I missed go ahead and post it. I havent finished this yet im still typing it out. Can I get a sticky?

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