Xbox 360 Game Start-up Disconnect Issue

FreeKillPsycho Jul 6, 2013

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    Okay I recently downloaded XCOM: Enemy Unknown from the Summer Sales. When I started it up, I disconnect from Xbox Live without it telling me. No notification and I can only tell if I hit the Xbox Guide button. At first I was I'll just play offline, but then I unlock a few achievements and I went to check them out and found that it took forever to load them because it says I haven't played XCOM. Then I go to the dashboard nothing no history that I played XCOM and the second I get onto the dashboard the Xbox immediately connects back to the internet.

    Has anyone else had this problem before and if you did how did you resolve it?

    Things I already did:
    -Tested connection
    -I deleted my profile and download back
    -I deteted XCOM and re-downloaded it
    -Clear System cache and restarted Xbox

    None of these things have worked I can't think of anything else to do to solve this. I also did some of these thing together.

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