XBLIG developers can now choose their release date

Bezza May 15, 2011

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    Big news on the XBLIG front today, as Microsoft announced via the App Hub that Xbox Live Indie developers would now have the ability to “control the release of their games that have passed peer review.” This is a step in the correct direction, both in terms of marketing and public relations. One of the key elements missing from the Indie Games Winter Uprising was the fact that many developers missed their target release dates. Should the event ever occur again, that issue would be washed away as long as the titles pass peer review in time.

    Most developers seem to be excited over the matter. Nathan Fouts of Mommy’s Best Games shouted “Great News!” on Twitter, while Ben Kane of declared “This is going to wreak havoc with the new release list. It’ll be a game of chicken on every Friday. Overall, fantastic news though.” Robert Boyd of Zeboyd Games shared the same sentiment with “The news made my day. This’ll make building hype for games much easier.” Evan Johnson wasn’t as enthusiastic with, “Probably should have been there from the start, but good to see it happen,” although he appreciated the change nonetheless.

    Here it is straight from Microsoft:

    “Based on developer community feedback, we have enabled developers to control the release of their games that have passed peer review. This feature will help developers to better coordinate social networking, press, and other opportunities for the release of their titles on Xbox LIVE Indie Games.”

    “By default, games will automatically be published when peer review is complete. This change adds a check box that developers can check if they want to control their games’ release. If the developer checks this box, the game will stay in a “ready to publish” state after passing peer review. The developer can then return to the game’s page and click the “Publish Now” button, which sends the game to the Xbox LIVE Indie Games channel on Xbox LIVE Marketplace within 24 hours.”

    This is the second large change in just as many weeks for the Xbox Live Marketplace in terms of indie games. The developers have spoken, and Microsoft seems to have listened. What are your thoughts on it? Do you believe this move, in addition to the reformed Top Downloads section could inject some more life into the XBLIG marketplace?

    Source: App Hub

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