[XBLA] Sacred Citadel Complete Achievement List

Rocky Apr 9, 2013

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    The bigger they are... 10
    Defeated the boss in Act 1.

    Vengeance is mine 10
    Defeated the boss in Act 2.

    Flyswatter 10
    Defeated the boss in Act 3.

    You and what army? 15
    Defeated the boss in Act 4.

    The whole crew 10
    Completed a level with help from each of the four classes.

    Legendary Hero 10
    Reached the max level.

    Wingmen 10
    Juggled an enemy together with another player.

    Arsenal 15
    Unlocked 100 different weapons.

    Ironhide 15
    Unlocked 30 different armors.

    Gotta learn them all 10
    Performed all the different combo finishers.

    Gold medalist 30
    Earned gold medals on all the main game levels.

    Can't touch this 10
    Avoided getting hit during a battle sequence.

    Heads up! 15
    Avoided all falling rocks in the Citadel level.

    Never back down 10
    Completed all challenges using one character.

    There's no David 15
    Killed 20 large enemies while riding a mount.

    Clean hands 15
    Killed 100 enemies using the environment or traps.

    Brute 10
    Completed all levels as the Warrior.

    Bow for hire 10
    Completed all levels as the Ranger.

    Master caster 10
    Completed all levels as the Mage.

    Crazy witch 10
    Completed all levels as the Shaman.

    Mutual benefit 15
    Completed all levels in multiplayer.

    Fore! 10
    Uppercutted 4 enemies into the air at the same time.

    Bookworm 10
    Spent at least 4 seconds on each page of the 'how to play' section.

    Invincible 20
    Completed all levels without dying.

    Untouchable 20
    Completed a level without taking any damage from enemies.

    It's over 9,000!!! 15
    Dealt over 9,000 damage with a single attack.

    Pesky carts 15
    Avoided the minecarts in the Mine level.

    Tank me later 15
    Completed the Tank Garrison level without using the tank.

    Hazmat 15
    Avoided the acid attacks during the elevator ride in the Queen's Tower.

    Deconstruction 15
    Killed the mini-boss in the Lost Metropolis without being hit by it.

    Source - X360A

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