[XBLA] God Mode Complete Achievement List

Rocky Apr 7, 2013

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    The Creature Lives 20
    Enrage 10 Cyclops

    Rune 10
    Trigger 20 Mage seals

    Them Bones 10
    Decapitate 100 Skeletons

    Hand of Doom 20
    Kill 50 enemies using melee

    Buzzkill 10
    Grind 50 creatures using the Buzzsaw melee attack

    God Mode 40
    Reach the final level and attain God Mode

    The Day I Tried To Live 20
    Survive the "Death" Test of Faith

    Nothing Safe 20
    Complete your first Oath

    Blow Up The Underworld 30
    Purchase all upgrades

    Burden In My Holster 10
    Fully upgrade one weapon

    Heaven Beside You 10
    Finish any map with 3 or more active Oaths

    Sweetest Curse 50
    Finish any map with 6 active Oaths on hardest difficulty

    The Hunter 10
    Kill 100 creatures

    Demon Cleaner 30
    Kill 2500 creatures

    Embryo 10
    Destroy 50 scarab eggs before they hatch

    Stairway to Hell 20
    Kill 20 creatures using the Hammer ability

    Born a Legend 10
    Finish any map on any difficulty

    Odyssey 40
    Complete all maps on hardest difficulty

    Badtriggerfinger 10
    Purchase your first weapon upgrade

    Deathbound 20
    Complete any map without dying

    Source - X360A

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