Would you like to use your PS3 accessories on your PC?

scunnyemce Jul 12, 2013

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    Would you like to use your PS3 accessories on your PC? Well I have found three different third-party drivers and software that works great on your Windows or Linux PC.

    The first one is my favorite this program is called motioninjoy. Wololo mentioned before how he’s used motioninjoy’s driver to control Wagic on his PC with his PS3 controller here.
    With motioninjoy you can use Bluetooth or just a plain old USB cable. Plus you can pre program it to your favorite set up and emulate the Xbox360 controller. They have even added the old Xbox controller with pressure sensitive buttons. Which is great if you like to play a lot of those Windows PC games? So when you emulate Xbox 360 controller and start your windows pc game it automatically recognizes as an xbox360 controller.
    Sometimes it can be a little confusing with the button schematic but you get used to it real quick. Now they have the PlayStation move controller working but it’s still in demo mode. The new and old PS3 Blu-ray player remote control works on Windows media Center as well and they even got the wireless keypad working when you use the PS3 controller. So if you would like to know more about using those devices on your PC I would recommend visiting this link here http://www.motioninjoy.com/
    Now have you ever bought that udraw gametablet either for the Xbox360 or the PS3. Did you get bored with the games. Well this is a nice little program it’s very simple all it does is act like a secondary mouse. So, If you like to use paint or other creative programs it will work fine with them. amehttp://brandonw.net/udraw/
    Last but not least the PS3 camera it works really good with Skype and Google hangouts. Now like YouTube and a few other ones it will work for but I have found that it gets a little choppy and some color distortion. It uses Microsoft’s Windows directshow/WinRT framework so it should work, with a lot of web applications. There’s even a SDK so if you would like to tweak itor make it may run a little bit better for yourself or others. http://codelaboratories.com/downloads/
    So injoy your PS3 accessories on your PC.

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