World Of Tanks Xbox Cross Platform Coming to 360 and Xbox One

Bullet Feb 18, 2015

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    World of Tanks is coming to Xbox One sometime in 2015, it has been confirmed by Wargaming. Not only will it be available on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One, but it will also be cross platform meaning that players on both generations of Xbox console can play each other.

    The good news doesn't stop there, World of Tanks will be free to download and play on the Xbox One, as it is on the Xbox 360 and PC. As all of your progress is connected to your Xbox Live account, if you decide to upgrade from Xbox 360 to Xbox One, all of your progress including vehicles, Experience, Credits, Gold and items you earned on the battlefield will transfer with you to the next gen console.

    Because all progress is stored to your Xbox Live account, you can always switch from current gen to older gen without losing any progress.

    So far World Of Tanks has had a massive 5 million plus downloads from around 150 countries, proving that free to play does have its place on console gaming.

    Take a quick look at the explosive action in this preview trailer, courtesy of IGN:

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