Windows 10 Xbox App Update Out Now.

XPG Darkside Mar 11, 2015

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    The Xbox app on Windows 10 is part of Microsoft’s strategy of focusing on giving users a good gaming experience on the platform.

    And luckily enough the app just received a significant update.

    Back at the announcement event in January, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer made a big deal of the Xbox app that’s now present on Windows 10.

    Through it users will eventually be able to stream their Xbox One games straight to their PCs as well as record game clips from PC games and share them with the community.

    Unfortunately the app hasn’t received many updates since then, but today’s new version has some significant additions. First thing users might notice are a few new buttons in the sidebar: Achievements, Alerts, Game DVR and a Connect to Xbox button are all new.

    The app can now be used in place of Smartglass with all that functionality being built in, and users now being able to connect to their consoles. Support for OneGuide has also been added as well as the ability to stream and download clips from the community through the Game DVR option.

    The app should update automatically but if that doesn’t work or if you can’t wait you can go into the Beta Store, the grey icon in Windows 10, search for Xbox and install the app – this will overwrite your current install with the latest version.

    Of course game streaming from console to PC is still not here yet, but the latest improvements show the app is heading in that direction. Hopefully the feature will show up sooner rather than later.

    Download the Xbox app here
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