Wii-U Wii U Version 1.7 SDK Reportedly Leaked

omegaultimo2 May 19, 2014

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    Nintendo might be the first company which falls prey to piracy in this 8th generation of consoles. As reported by cfwprophet’s twitter page, it seems as if the Software Development Kit for Wii U has been leaked online.

    Although the SDK is of version 1.7 which is quite old, the group which leaked this SDK claims to be in possession of the recent ones as well and will be releasing them soon. A leaked SDK, especially one for the recent version of console could result in allowing console owners to play THE SITE THAT CANNOT BE MENTIONED FOR LEGAL REASONS games.
    Whether this information is true or not remains to be seen since there is no official word from Nintendo yet. However, that hasn’t stopped registered Wii U developers from providing their own views on this piece of information.
    One developer expects Nintendo to follow up on this with severe legal action resulting in a fine and/or jail time for the person responsible for this leak.
    Software Development Kit is something the developers use to create games for a certain platform. In theory, SDK is only useful if the person has a development kit as well which means this leaked SDK might be useless for most of the people.
    It is however, possible that those behind the leak also found a way to use the SDK without an actual development kit. It is also possible that the person who leaked the SDK might even be someone close to Nintendo or a registered developer.
    Those with access to SDK usually have to sign a non-disclosure agreement and if someone broke that, they are in for some real trouble.

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