Wii U Kernal Exploit Allows Homebrew Mods

Bullet Apr 6, 2015

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    Great news indeed for the Nintendo modding scene, the Wii U has finally been fully exploited, we will see homebrew apps sometime this year according to the group which has finished their own Cafe OS kernel exploit.

    The exploit allows a browser manipulation to gain full control over the PPC side of the Wii U. This will allow the running of unsigned code, other operating systems, Linux and homebrew, which is all great news for the Nintendo modding scene.

    "Chadderz did something similar a while back, and developed a tool called Cafiine to perform game file replacement. It works similarly to Riivolution's RiiFS on the old Wii, streaming file replacements across the network." Explains Marionumber1 on Youtube, showing a text hack on the video below.

    Whilst a text hack is hardly groundbreaking mod that can be achieved using this exploit, it does show that Wii U games can be modded using this method.

    The team behind the current Wii U hacks are working on a homebrew SDK which will allow modder's to create their own homebrew apps for an exploited Wii U console.

    There is no set time scale for any releases from the team, however they do state that 2015 is going to be a great year for Wii U modding.
    "Developing a new WebKit exploit is important, as this only works on 4.0.0 to 5.1.0 right now. The kernel exploit itself will need some find tuning for each version as well. But it should all be released before too long." says Marionumber1.


    Video courtesy of NWPlayer123.
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    looks like am getting back in to the Nintendo modding scene again expect the Zelda games to get smashed with mods and zombie U

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