White Xbox One 'coming in October' ?

Rocky Jan 30, 2014

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    Microsoft will be releasing a white version of the Xbox One in October, as well as a special Titanfall edition of its new console in March, according to an anonymous insider.


    The white Xbox One rumour was made by a NeoGAF user and later verified by sources for The Verge.

    It is claimed is that Microsoft will release a white version of the console to tie in with the release of Sunset Overdrive. It is also claimed a 1TB version of the console will be released a month later. Currently, Xbox One hard drives have a 500GB capacity.

    Additionally, the insider has also posted an image of what he claims to be a special Titanfall edition Xbox One console. The image which, unlike the white console, has not been verified by The Verge, shows the console in various stages of the design process, as the front of the console does not match the one on the packaging.

    CVG has contacted Microsoft for a statement.

    A small number of White Xbox One units were initially provided for Microsoft employees involved with the console's development. The consoles came with all the launch-day first-party games, a special achievement and the words 'I made this' etched next to the disc slot.

    A white Xbox One was auctioned in November and raised $11,300 for charity.

    Source - CVG

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