What Is The Best Windows Phone?

Bullet Jul 30, 2013

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    Are you looking for a Windows 8 Phone but are totally perplexed by the gizmos and gadgets? Well never fear becuase XPG can help those of you that are technically challenged or just not into the Windows mobile devices enough to tell the difference between a good phone and a great phone.
    Windows 8 phones are a relative newbie in terms of mobile devices so if you dont know which is the best Windows 8 phone, its probably not your fault.

    If you are bored of the "same old" Android nd are looking for something different then a Windows phone could be just the thing you are looking for.

    Windows Phone 8 offers a completely new perspective on Smartphones.

    We've taken the time to go through all the Windows Phone devices available to pick out the best ones around and while there's some serious Nokia dominance in this list a handful of other manufacturers are also getting in on the action.

    1. Nokia Lumia 520
    Usually the number one place in our top lists is claimed by a powerful, flagship smartphone but as you can see here that's not always the case will the incredibly affordable Lumia 520 grabbing the "Best Windows phone" title.
    While it may not have a ridiculous amount of power, super sized screen or market leading camera, what the Lumia 520 does offer is the perfect smartphone experience on a budget.
    It's got a decent spec sheet for such a keenly priced device with a 1GHz dual-core processor, 4-inch display, 5MP camera and micro SD card slot to make up for a small internal storage.
    In may not have a front facing snapper or fancy NFC technology, plus the battery life could better, but for the money you'll be hard pressed to get something better than the Lumia 520.
    All in all it's cheap and extremely cheerful and if you want to try Windows Phone 8 but don't want a handset which will break the bank, or your pocket then the Nokia Lumia 520 is the one you should plump for.

    2. Nokia Lumia 920
    [​IMG]What's better than a top Windows Phone 7 handset? A Windows Phone 8 one, and we've got no qualms about telling you the Lumia 920 is one of the best Windows Phone out there.
    Simplicity is the key here, the Lumia 920 does the basics well, from contact integration and calling, to web browsing and messaging – oh and it's 4G enabled.
    The 8MP camera on the back of the Lumia 920 is one of the best we've used and for anyone looking to get a top end cameraphone you need to seriously consider this Nokia.
    The 4.5-inch display is also a good'un, crisp and clear it makes watching movies, surfing the web or Facebook stalking an enjoyable experience, thanks to the PureMotion HD technology on offer.
    It's major flaw though is its size, so if you've got delicate hands you may want to side step the weighty Lumia 920 for something a little more manageable - perhaps take a look at the HTC 8X.
    Oh and you can even use it with gloves on... what more could you want? You're right: holograms. But they don't exist yet.

    3. Nokia Lumia 820
    [​IMG]If you're pockets aren't so deep, or your hands are a little smaller, you may want to take a look at the Nokia Lumia 820, which still provides you with the full Windows Phone 8 experience, albeit on a slightly smaller screen.
    The 4.3-inch AMOLED display is still a strong performer, while the camera comes with the Nokia class that we've come to expect.
    It still has the fancy tricks of Lumia 920, including wireless charging, 4G, NFC connectivity, but it also brings changeable covers so your phone can reflect your mood – exciting times.
    There aren't any giant flaws with the Nokia Lumia 820, and while there may be a couple of minor niggles they certainly don't get in the way.

    4. Samsung Ativ S
    [​IMG]The Samsung Ativ S is one of the unsung heroes of the Windows Phone 8 brigade, a handset which hasn't been thrust into the limelight and while it may be a little tricky to get hold of you won't be disappointed.
    Sporting a similar design to its Android toting brother the Samsung Galaxy S3 the Korean firm works on its winning design formula and breaks away from the styles employed by the likes of Nokia, HTC and Huawei.
    It's also so light and slim. Given the size of the handset, the weight and dimensions genuinely surprised us when we picked one up.
    With a 4.8-inch display it's already the sort of phone that may poke out of your pocket, so the skinny design is much appreciated.
    A removable battery and miroSD card slot are welcome bonuses and helps set the Ativ S apart from the rest of the Windows Phone 8 crowd.

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    I have just got the NOKIA Lumia 1020 amazing windows phone with a 41 mega pixel camera

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