Weird iOS 7 bug lets you bypass lock to share photos

orion0912 Sep 20, 2013

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    Apple has admitted there's a bug in its brand-new iOS 7 software that lets you access and share photos without unlocking the phone.
    The bug, which was discovered by Jose Rodriguez, a soldier from the Canary Islands, takes advantage of the new control centre in iOS 7. Control centre is a set of essential phone functions such as the camera, torch and calculator you can access without unlocking, simply by swiping up on the lock screen.
    "We are aware of this issue," an Apple spokesman told The Guardian, "and will deliver a fix in a future software update."
    Here's how you do it: press the home or power buttons on an iPhone with iOS 7 so you see the lock screen. Swipe up to see the control centre and press the clock icon, then go to the alarm clock. Now, hold down the power button for a couple of seconds until the 'slide to power off' comes up. Hit cancel, then straight away double tap the home button. If you wait even a second it won't work.
    Now you're in the multitasking menu, which you shouldn't really have access to. You can't access any apps except those available from the control centre, which includes the camera. The difference is that in the camera you can now access all the phone's stored photos, where normally it would tell you to unlock the phone.
    From there you can share any pic you like from the accounts logged in on the phone, including new ones that you take yourself. Here's one I made earlier, using my colleague Andy Hoyle's box-fresh iPhone 5C.


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