We Want Infamous on the PlayStation Vita

GamrInsanity Jan 28, 2012

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    We all want the PlayStation Vita to succeed and one way to make sure this happens is to release great games that are only for the handheld. We don’t want ports of older games we have already purchased or remakes of PSP games with dual analog control. What we want is for developers to look at the hardware and see the power people have in their hands with this device. One company that can help put the PlayStation Vita on the map and maybe save the sales in Japan is Sucker Punch.

    With the success of the Infamous series it only makes sense for them to announce a game in development for the handheld that will feature a open world environment and a protagonist that has to make moral decisions during the length of the story. Even if the game is a prequel to the first game it would sell. From a graphics and power standpoint people have seen what the Vita can do with the release of Uncharted Golden Abyss. It has specific controls for the Vita the series has never seen and it offers the same cinematic quality and gameplay experience that the PS3 counterparts offer. If Sony doesn’t already have Sucker Punch hard at work on the next chapter of Cole Mcgrath, then they need to stop and look at the PlayStation Vita and think how the control scheme of the handheld could offer new and engaging ways to play a Infamous title.

    If anyone at Sucker Punch reads this then please do us all a favor and make a Infamous title for the PlayStation Vita. We want more crazy combat and karma situations on the go!


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