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Bullet May 9, 2014

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    Xbox One fans have come up with some great ideas for the Xbox One since its release, such as the improved user interface that we see now amongst other things, but this latest idea created by a Reddit user named Cadab is pure genius! If you wanted to watch videos created by other gamers on Xbox One you could only do it on Smartglass, until now!

    So what this creative gamer has done is to create an actual website that you can go view other gamers video clips on and hes called it XboxClips. What this does is scrape the content that you could only previously view on Smartglass and posts in on a webpage.

    Simply type in the gamertag of the videos you want to see and they pop up right there. This site is in infancy stages and the developer has stated that there is more to come, so hopefully we will see features like a voting system with video of the week along with other cool features.
    It's only a matter of time before Microsoft bring out the official version of this, but in the meantime what kind of things would you like to see added to the website?
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    This is really really cool. Now it needs to become an app for Xbox 1 and/or use the web browser on the Xbox 1 if it works and it could upload sterate to the web page or from app and it wood allow u to add and u could also have a video editor for free or something like that

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