Warriors Orochi 3 Chaos Save[load & pop]

Dogma May 1, 2013

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    File Name: Warriors Orochi 3 Chaos Save
    File Submitter: DogmaFile Submitted: 01 May 2013
    File Category: Xbox360 Load and Pop Saves
    *Caution* Achievements May NOT unlock in Legitimate order. *Caution*

    Achievements to pop Upon Mission Completion
    Master of time
    The Flame Of hope
    A Hidden Smile
    Unwavering Hope
    Changing the past

    Achievements to pop Upon Ending Missions
    Should pop upon completion of 'World's End' (Untested Please comment if it works)
    In a Broken World (Normal Ending)
    The Fated Place (True Ending)
    Land Of Peace (Good Ending)

    Achievements to pop Upon Battle Results
    Musou Millionaire
    Gallery of Heroes
    A Warrior of Wealth
    Firm Bonds
    Blinding Speed
    Perfect Partner

    Achievements Popped On Purchesing a Weapon
    First Purchase
    Reaching beyond
    Grand Purchase (over 10,000 Gems)

    Achievements to pop at Weapon Fusion
    First Forge

    Achievements to pop at TeaHouse
    Mead of life

    Chaos Difficulty Progress
    Story Missions: 32/32
    Redux: 2/10
    Bonus Missions (circular ones) 3/28
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