Warner Bros Montreal Working On New Game, Superman?

Bullet Jul 6, 2015

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    Warner Bros Montreal known the studio responsbile for Batman: Arkham City, are working on an open world action game based on a new IP according to job advertisments on their official website.

    One job listing for a Technical Director states that 'We are seeking a Technical Director to join our game development team working on a new IP project for next generation game platforms.'

    "As a Technical Director, this individual will manage a group of lead programmers to design, develop, maintain, and optimize cross-platform systems and tools.Technical Director will work closely with Game Director to insure design intentions properly translate into technical systems. Technical Director will establish performance and memory budgets, work to ensure coding standards and technical processes and will be instrumental in developing the technical team."

    Along with the Technical Director position the studio is also advertising for an animator, art director, AI gameplay programmer associate, gameplay programmer, finance manager, level artist, QA lead, senior level designer, senior programmer, technical artist, usability research analyst, UI programmer and a VFX artist.

    Interstingly the UI programmer position states that the studio are looking for “a programmer to work on core User Interfaces for our newest games.” Note the plural 'Games' which would suggest that Warner Bros are working on more than one game.

    So what exactly are they working on, we know it isnt another Batman: Arkham, since its a new IP. We do know that they are definantly working on a Batgirl DLC for the Batman: Arkham Knight title.

    Rumour suggests that the studio may be working on an open world Superman game if a leaked image is to be believed which shows what looks to be an Xbox 360 menu with superman stood in the foreground.

    The image which can be seen above shows Superman stood in front of a menu which says "Sent as a baby to Earth from the dying planet Krypton, Kal-El was adopted by Martha and Jonothan Kent of Smallville, Kansas, growing up as Clarke Kent, he devoted his life to helping others with the abilities he developed from Earths sun. Moving to Metropolis, he became Superman, while still maintaining his secret identity as Clarke Kent, who works at the Daily Planet newspaper."

    It also shows a powers and abilities menu, such as X-ray vision, heat vision, freeze breath and more.

    The reason I beleive this to be just a rumour is the adverts clearly state the new IP will be for Next Gen consoles, and the buttos in the image are Xbox 360 buttons.

    Other rumours claim that the studio is working on a Suicide Squad game. When we find out more information we will be sure to update you right here on XPG.

    What do you think Warner Bros are working on? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments below.
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