VPN with a mac to xbox 360

crabbycrabcrab Dec 1, 2012

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    Hope this is the right section for me to ask about this. If not please move it.

    Anyhow, basically, im trying to download region locked dlc from a gamertag, but I'm in the uk and I need to be in the us for it to complete the download.

    It gets to 99% then says 'cant download blah blah'

    I've read I need to VPN to do this. I downloaded Hotspot Shield on my Mac and it works great. Easy to use. Test it with Hulu.

    However, the next step is sharing my connection to my xbox. With Hotspot shield of it works. I can get on xbox live, but it thinks im in the uk. When I turn the prgram on to preform the trick, my xbox disconnects. I run a xbox live test but it fails when connecting to the internet.

    Has anyone with a Mac been able to preform VPN to there xbox 360? Or has a different program for it to work with?

    +rep+ thank will be given for useful advice :]

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