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Bullet Aug 4, 2013

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    Name: Evil Within New Leaked Gameplay Footage + Screenshots
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    Date Added: 04 August 2013 - 01:27 PM
    Submitter: XPGBullet
    Short Description: This is a video and screenshots of the Evil Within

    Like being scared,like jumpy atmospheric games, cant wait for Evil Within ? Yea... awesome , well we got some good news for you. Thanks to someone taking some short footage at QuakeCon some screenshots have found their way onto Instagram of The Evil Within and it looks freakin awesome!
    If like me you love games with gore ( screw all those anti video game campaigners ) then like me you are going to love this game becuase its got gore of plenty XPG.
    The video footage of the game that looks like it was snatched on a phone is grainy low quality, but even from that you can tell that the games graphics look pretty slick. Think Resident Evil 4 !

    So you watched the video footage, now check out these screenshots...


    If hanging corpses dont freak you out, check yourself for a pulse man... seriously !


    Who doesnt find a hospital creepy eh.. ?


    So come on guys, what are your first thoughts? Cant wait or just meh... or is it just to early to tell?

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    This game will be epic! Going back to the survival horrors of Resident Evil will push the scariness over the top.

    This is a defo in my collection. Can not wait for this game to come out and the graphics are great.

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