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XPG Darkside Aug 3, 2013

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    Name: Defiance Arkfall Raid
    Category: Glitches/Gameplay
    Date Added: 03 August 2013 - 05:17 PM
    Submitter: XPGDARKSIDE
    Short Description: None Provided

    Defiance Arkfall Raid

    Wreckage from the Votan ships that exploded in space periodically falls to Earth.

    These meteor-like fragments usually contain rare and valuable alien technology."

    Arkfalls are Dynamic Events which can occur at almost any place and any time, even during the middle of a Main Mission.

    They are entirely optional, but offer substantial rewards in Experience and Lock Box access codes.

    Arkfalls are marked on the Map by large red circles. Within the large red perimeter are a series of smaller circles. Each of these represents a single event within the Arkfall.

    Each Arkfall lasts only a certain length of time before disappearing.

    Players must overcome all events within the Arkfall before time expires to reap the full rewards of the mission. The time limit is clearly displayed on the HUD.

    Typical Arkfall events involve the presence of one or more meteors, crystals, or Ark fragments fallen from the sky.

    These crystals typically carry a number of Hellbugs or other threats to the surface with them, and these creatures attack any players which approach the Arkfall.

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