Valhalla Knights 3: Tips and Exploits for Newcomers

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    So this thread is dedicated to those who want to play Valhalla knights 3 but are possibly having difficulties at the beginning of the game. All of these tips have been found on my own with exception to the Money Exploit. I'm sure I'm not the only one to discover these but I haven't seen any decent strategies posted online and thought I might help some people out.

    Just to get it out of the way here is the
    In order to do this you will need to have a character max out their Merchant Class skills. It takes just under 4000 SBP to do this so I recommend having someone save up. With all the merchant passive skills you get a 30% discount at stores, which is useful in the long run as well. After you have these skills equip them and go buy as many Coin Purses as you can from the Lower Slums Shop. Then take these to the guild quest guy in the same room and continously accept and turn in the quest for 30 Coin Purses.
    How this works is due to the fact that 30 coin purses normally cost the same amount of gold as you get in reward for turning the quest in; With a 30% discount, you are making about 2250 gold per quest turned in. It'll take some time but it's the quickest way to max out your gold.

    The rest of this post will be some levelling tips for beginners.

    For People just starting:
    To start with, choose any character class besides Prisoner. You want to make your team competent before you delve into mastering the Prisoner. You will be saddled with two characters on your team that are Fighters at the start so I recommend you make your character an Akatoki or Priest. If you choose Priest just remember you can switch what characters you control and should stick to controlling someone capable of taking blows as well as dishing out damage.

    Once you are able to roam freely, go to the Lower Slums Shops and find the quest giver and take Seven's Request 1; It should be the one to kill 30 rabbits. Now go outside and at fork in the road you should be able to see two sets of 3 rabbits. Enemies respawn after about 1 minute so keep killing the rabbits until you've completed the quest. Turn it in and then retake the quest. This time try to incorporate some battles with the bandits along the right and middle of the Fork. If you've done this correctly your characters should be a few levels higher and you should also be a decent bit richer. It's not much but at the beginning its a lot.

    Now you continue with the story to the point of killing Belmont. The entrance area of the Bloody Grasslands has a group of 4 rabbits that give you about 3 times the experience of the ones at the Fork. If you've only done a couple of runs of the rabbit killing quest, then I suggest a few more incorporating more and more enemies from the Bloody Grasslands for increased XP.

    TIp: Give one of your fighters two short swords. This makes them powerful, fast, and they get a triangle button strong attack that, when strong enough, becomes a one to two hit ko when back attacking enemies. Back attaking enemies earns you double XP and works particularly well against monster mobs.

    For more intermediate players:
    The Canyon of Betrayal is an especially good early game training area. By now you should have somewhere close to a full 7 member party. A good setup is 2 fighters, 2 priests, 2 mages, and whatever you want your main character to be. Formation is key and if using this team setup, put fighters forward, priests near middle, and mages way back. Now in the canyon, there is a large enclosed space near the beginning that has a group of 6 Kobolds and another of about 5 or 6 Wings. The Kobolds are a little difficult to start but the wings are easy. The wings should get you about 100 XP each and Kobolds around 200XP assuming you are getting double xp. If you've mastered a decent hit and run tactic for attacking enemies from behind then it's easy XP and will keep getting easier. When you get a decent flow going you can level a character from 1 to 16 in about 10 to 20 minutes in this area and if you have continued to a certain point in the story, you will be able to take Seven's Request 2 which is to kill 30 kobolds which will increase the amount of gold you're earning for this as well.
    Increase your radius to include the 3 bandit groups surrounding this area. It's more XP and you have the chance to get free gear for selling or using. The southwest one will always be Carla the Cruel; a team of seven bandits that are a decent challenge with the leader able to withstand about 1300-1500 in damage. She is also one of the only ways to get witch gear; a female only armor that is identical to noble clothes in stats but looks sexy.

    Tip: If you haven't already been doing so, remember to always search the bodies of enemies. Monsters drop seemingly pointless items that can be sold for extra gold. Some are needed for quests but anything with Beast in it's name can be sold worry-free.

    For Late Game players:
    By now, you've probably mastered most of what you need to know in general to advance yourself in level and money. When you've reached the point in story where you can go to the Edge of the End then this is probably the best area to train pre-ending. It contains several groups of higher level Kobolds in close proximity to each other. Each gives about 400 XP when killed from behind and you will hardly have to wait at all for enemies to respawn which gives you a decent stream of XP flowing into your characters. For me, this place seems to be one of the best places to train for SBP as you can be constantly killing enemies and I've heard mobs give you more SBP.

    Other tips:
    After you've established a decently strong team, let them save up 4590 SPB which will let them buy all the prisoner's skills. The prisoner has a passive skill called Limit break which gives +30 to all stats. Maxing out the prisoner class gives you a passive skill that allows your character to wield any weapon (Except firearms) no matter their class.

    I hope this thread helps and any other tips or advice that you might have that isn't covered here is welcome.

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