Update: PS Vita 2.12 Upcoming VHBL Exploit Homebrew Compatibility List Announced

scunnyemce Jul 20, 2013

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    Hey guys and girls! Here is an updated list with all the compatible homebrew for the upcoming VHBL exploit. For those who don't know, we recently announce a PS Vita 2.12 VHBL exploit by developer qwikrazor87. So for those waiting in anticipation and for those who might want to download the mystery game and try this new exploit, below is a list of all tested homebrews one can expect running.

    About PS Vita 2.12 Upcoming VHBL Exploit:

    Note that a “non working” homebrew is not always a fatality. This shows you the results from a few testers in a few sepcific conditions, with the initial release of the hack. There are possibilities that some working versions of the same homebrew exist (such is the case above with Snes9xTYL, which itself works, while some mods of the emulator don’t work), or tricks to make these homebrews work, or that an update of the VHBL port will bring more compatibility.

    The lack of compatibility of PSPFiler, however, is a bummer. wMenu does not have any File manager features, and that could become a problem if no alternative exists, if only to delete/reorganize homebrews.

    As a reminder, Qwikrazor’s upcoming exploit will be in a game that is only available in the US store. I explain here how you can buy US PSN Credit if you live outside of the US, and we have an ongoing tiny “contest” on twitter to win a $20 PSN Code. In parallel, I got contacted about a possible EU exploit that could be available, and I am following up on that as fast as my free time permits.

    Working Emulators:

    Gpsp Kai
    Nester AoEx R3 (confirmed by 2 testers)
    Atari 800
    Deadalus r13
    EmuMaster v3.GX
    FinalBUrn Aplpha FBA4PSP CPS123
    MVSPSP adhoc
    PSPMame r0.6
    PicoDrive (confirmed by 2 testers)
    SMS+ Game Gear
    fMSX PSP
    snes9xTYL (confirmed by 2 testers)

    Working Homebrew & Apps:

    BookR (confirmed by 2 testers)
    Lamecraft r56 (confirmed by 2 testers)
    Stickman Jump (sometimes freezes when you die)
    Cube Runner Advanced
    Left For quake 0.8
    Guitar Star
    Quake Areana
    Hexen 2

    Not Working:

    Geometry Wars
    Deadalusx64R777 (confirmed by 2 testers)
    NZP 1.1
    Cosmos Lunar
    gpSP mod
    Polyon Hockey
    PSPRevolution v0.4
    Pong PSP alpla 5
    Doodle Jump 1.3
    Atari 5200
    emu mame4all v49r2
    NeoGeo CD
    PSPTI 99
    scummvm-0.13.0-psp (confirmed by 2 testers)
    Duke 3D


    As you probably know by now, developer Qwikrazor87 has an upcoming VHBL release for firmware 2.12. The sad piece of news we shared with you quite clearly though is that the exploited game is only available on the US store. Although I’ve explained how you can add credit to a US PSN account even if you don’t live in the US, we know this technically limits the audience of such an exploit.

    However some testers have been reporting that the exploited game is actually available for some EU stores too, but there’s a trick…

    The idea seems simply that, although the game is not available directly from the PSN on your Vita, it seems possible to buy it from your PC on the PC PSN store, to then magically see the game appear on your download list on the Vita… and voila… (Update: other people have reported that they can buy the game on their PS3, and then transfer it to their Vita. A technique that has been proven to work in the past for several games marked as “not available” on the Vita)

    But there seems to be a catch: although lots of trusted testers have reported to us that this technique works, roughly the same amount of testers have reported to us that the game actually does not appear in the vita download list after buying it from your PC (making the purchase basically useless). We are still unclear if this is some sort of bug on how the Vita manages some of the PSN permissions, or if it depends on the country you live in, or something else…

    Nevertheless, I’ll be in touch with Qwikrazor87 to make sure his VHBL port gets readied for both the US AND the EU versions of the game, just in case. Qwikrazor actually had early versions of his VHBL port ready for the EU version of the game, but he didn’t maintain that version actively since the game was initially found to be available only on the US store. However, I’ve seen the port for the EU version, so I know the exploit works fine on the EU version of the game as well.

    What remains uncertain here is if it is actually possible to actually buy the game for your Vita on the EU stores. Try at your own risk, but we’d still recommend to go with the US version for now.

    Thanks to JeoWay for the heads up and info regarding this.

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