Unlock Sgt Johnson in firefight

Bullet Apr 15, 2010

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    This will unlock Sargent Johnson for use in Firefight. This unlock is tested and working!

    This only works for the Xbox 360 and requires you have a Xbox 360 hard drive / Memory card.

    Download XPort360 or use Xplorer360
    Extract the folder 4D530877 from the download zip file Halo 3 ODST SGT Johnson unlock.zip (Picture)
    Place the folder 4D530877 into Content/0000000000000000/ on your hard drive (Picture)
    Should now look something like this... (Picture)
    Plug your 360 hard drive back into your Xbox 360 and load up Halo 3 ODST
    Once at the menu go to settings, go right and change your appearance to Johnson.
    Simples... ENJOY!!

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