Uncharted 4 Is Back On The Map

ADDZ Jan 5, 2014

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    Chris Ashime from Sony’s Japan Studio roused a lot of interest when he talked about a potential PS4 game from Naughty Dog. He also had some interesting answers about the future of Uncharted.

    He said he knew that Naughty Dog was developing a new game, but that he didn’t know if it was Uncharted 4. Fans can take this one of two ways – this game is either Uncharted 4 or the follow-up to The Last of Us.

    These are both popular games, but PR claims to have seen signs that the fans aren’t bothered about another Uncharted, while others think it’ll be out this year.

    NowGamer claimed to have talked to Nolan North, the voice of Nathan Drake, who says he’s seen testing and it looks amazing. You have to wonder if this game is Uncharted 4. If it is so, it’ll be brilliant!

    The Metro also mentioned that Dominic “Lord of the Rings” Monaghan had been talking about an Uncharted game – he’s done voices for the series before. It’s looking like Uncharted is finding its way to the PS4!

    PR did say as well, though, that Naughty Dog might surprise us all with the Last of Us 2. There have been some good ideas for this game doing the rounds, and prequels are roving popular at the moment. A prequel will mean different characters, though, and Naughty Dog likes to keep continuity in its characters for at least three games..

    What do you want most? Uncharted 4 or The Last of Us 2?

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