Ubisoft Saves 'Face' By Patching Glitch On AC:Unity

Bullet Nov 19, 2014

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    Ubisoft have saved face quite literally by patching one of the funniest video game glitches we have seen in a long time. The games developers and publishers claim that the 'No Face' glitch only occurs on un-patched PC versions of the game.


    The company goes on to explain on its Assassins Creed blog that "There are a number of images circulating online of character models from Assassin’s Creed Unity missing textures, dubbed the “no face” bug." say Ubisoft and that they "have discovered that this only occurs on PCs with one of two specific graphics cards, and in both cases the issue is resolved with the application of the Day 1 patch."


    "This should not be affecting any players who are allowing their game to be automatically patched as recommended with updates as they are released."


    Ubisoft were determined to fix the game, which like so many these days was broken on launch and went on to say "We can tell you that we have detected a distinct discrepancy between what we observed in the pre-launch versus post-launch environment."
    "In spite of our testing, it looks like the instruction queue is becoming overloaded and impacting performance. We have several fixes we are exploring right now and will continue to update you with our progress."


    These are some of the issues that Ubisoft are looking at implementing in a future patch in a bid to rectify issues with frame rate stability and overall performance:

    • Streamlining some technical aspects of navigation: We’ve fixed a number of edge cases with our detection system to smooth certain behaviors during parkour. We’ve fixed a few objects which were improperly tagged to smooth navigation.

    • Improving task scheduling: We’ve tuned the way the computing tasks are prioritized and parallelized by the processor cores to improve framerate in certain edge cases.
    • Tweaking performance for Reach High Points: We’ve optimized the reach high points, during the camera swooping sequence to improve framerate a little bit.
    No dates have been given for future patches but given the above points, we believe it will be rolled out soon.
    Have you experienced any glitches in Assassins Creed: Unity? If so let us know in the comments below.
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